Why your Business needs a Custom Printed Marquee

A customised printed marquee is a familiar tool for many business owners nowadays. It’s because business owners have seen how custom printed marquees can serve as an effective advertisement for their products, brands, and services.

The varied prints, designs, and colours available with custom printed marquees are meant to stand out and attract customers. This top advantage provided by custom printed marquees makes them powerful and essential tools to have in any outdoor activity or festival.

The multiple ways a custom printed marquee can boost the advertising power of your brand, services, or products include:

Awesome way of promoting your product or brand

A larger audience outreach becomes possible with the use of a printed marquee. Attracting a lot of people during outdoor sales festivals can be achieved by doing a unique approach such as a custom printed marquee showcasing the products or services offered by your business.

Other than providing a great place to display all your goods or services, a custom printed marquee also provides shelter from sun and rain to both your employees and customers.


Advertising your business can cost a pretty penny. However, invest you must in some form of marketing especially as a participant in various trade shows. Custom printed marquees are probably the most unique and cost-effective way of promoting your products or services.

While custom printed marquees may cost a bit compared to standard models, having the brand name and logo of your business attractively emblazoned on the marquee is the best form of outdoor marketing.

Investing in a custom printed marquee is the best way to make your customers remember your particular brand or logo. The marquee becomes more cost-effective since you can use it again and again on any outdoor sales festival or event.

Flexible and easy-to-assemble anywhere

The portability and flexibility of marquees make it the best marketing tool on hand on all sales events and gatherings. Assembling and disassembling a marquee is as easy as child’s play. Not only are marquees easy to set up and dismantle, but it is also easy to store and transport from one location to another.

Designate your own space

The smartest way to designate a space for your business during outdoor activities is by using a marquee. Setting up your marquee instantly creates a demarcation space for the products offered by your business.

Branding and recall of your products are quickly boosted by the use of custom printed marquees. It is of small wonder that outdoor sales events are showing a rise in using marquees instead of booths.

Great ROI

The huge investment you made for a custom printed marquee pays more than its initial cost. Being reusable is one way a marquee saves you money. The custom print of your brand and logo on the marquee can be used again and again for varied purposes.

Many businesses are even renting out their marquees during sports events. Doing it this way not only earns them money but also gains them free marketing recall to people attending the event.

Investing in marquees from Outdoor Instant Shelters may set you back a bit from your budget. However, using the same marquee in different trade shows, again and again, makes it your business’ best investment.

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