Top Tips to Consider with Caravan Awnings for Sale

What should be the first things to consider with caravan awnings for sale? Is it costs, size, material, or type? Are caravan awnings with poles a better option than the inflatable models?

Purchasing a caravan awning to make your holiday safe, comfortable, and relaxing needs the following guidelines, to include:

Awning’s price

The expected pricing of an awning is often unclear. The range of prices can be as cheap as $100 for the simplest model to pricier ones around $2,000 – $3,000. The factors that significantly affect the price ranges of caravan awnings include accessories, varied functions, and the quality of the materials.

The smartest way to get the right awning is to consider the needs and functions that you expect an awning to perform.

Awning model

The awning model is an important thing to consider for you to select the right one for your needs.

  • Freestanding awnings are considered the most flexible since it does not need any fastening to stand alone. This type of awning does not need the stability of a caravan as it can easily be left at the campsite without having to set it up or dismantling every time the caravan drives off. A zip system is used to connect the freestanding awning to the caravan while travelling.
  • Non-freestanding awnings need brackets and must be permanently attached to the caravan. This type of awning is cheaper but unable to provide comfort.
  • Inflatable awnings use the latest technology in providing comfort during camping and road travels. They are easy to handle, are mostly available as freestanding, and light in weight. They can be inflated using an electric pump or the included two-layer air hose system. Tension ropes used to attach the awning to the ground provide the same stability as awnings attached to poles.
  • Awnings with poles continue to be the popular choice among caravan owners despite their many disadvantages. Their heavier weight makes them tough to set up and transport. However, caravan owners feel that the heavy construction of awnings with poles makes them robust and sturdy.

Awning coating and materials

Factors such as coating and materials used on an awning significantly affect the price. The high-quality fabrics used on an awning also attaches a heftier price to it. The functions and weather conditions are the top factors to consider when it comes to the choice of awning materials and coating.

Awning coating

  • Acrylate coating on an awning makes it easy to maintain while providing extra water repellent quality.
  • PVC-coated fabric is usually heavy. However, making the awning extra strong against strong winds and other extreme weather conditions is provided by the PVC.

Awning material

  • 100% polyester is less demanding and more versatile than cotton. Using 100% polyester material makes the awning sturdy and light. However, breathability is not achieved awnings made of this material.
  • Cotton is breathable, strong, and highly resistant to mildew and rot.
  • Polycotton combines both cotton and polyester to make the awning extra durable.

The material, size, and model are all contributing factors that play a significant role in the price of caravan awnings. The smartest way to get the perfect awning for the best price depends on your journey, weather conditions, vehicle size, and location. Consider these things when looking for caravan awnings for sale.


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