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Featured ingredient - Beetroot


Apr 2, 2014 Featured Ingredient 2 Comments

After last months indulgence in bacon I thought its probably best that I choose something thats not so indulgent. Perhaps a fruit I first thought? But who wants fruit after bacon! So I decided that the best option was to go with a vegetable, something with substance, with flavour, with attitude. But how many veggies could tick all those boxes? There was only 1 as far as I am concerned. This months ingredient is……(Drum Roll)…… Beetroot!
I know what your thinking, beetroot? Really? Yes, really. It has a beautiful Earthy flavour that can be light and delicate but also be bold and hold its own against big flavours and to top it off there are countless ways of preparing beetroot from roasting to pickling to juicing to grated! There are so many varieties of beetroots too, from golden beets to white and chioggia (white and pink ‘target’ pattern). There is also very little waste with beetroots as you’re able to use every part of it from the bulb to the steam and the smaller leaves in salads are great.

When buying Beetroot look for…

When you’re buying beetroot first think to look for is dirt, the dirtier the better I say and its a great indication that the beetroot is fresh. You also want the steams and leaves to be intact, you don’t want them to be wilted at all. Lastly the bulb of the beetroot should be smooth and firm to the touch without blemishes or splits.

How to cook it…

There are countless ways to cook Beetroot. I personally love mine roasted with the skin on to retain the bright red colour that beetroots are famous for, drizzled with oil then wrapped in foil and throw them in the oven and you have a fantastic addition to any family meal. Another favourite of mine is thinly slicing them on a mandolin and adding them to a salad as they add a great crunch and flavour.

I know that I may not have convinced all of you about beetroot, so let my recipes convince you, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


  • Amie
    Jun 13, 2014 at 10:59 am Reply

    Beetroot is my favourite, would have it with anything if I could lol!!! Beetroot soup is amazing 🙂

  • David
    Nov 20, 2014 at 11:46 pm Reply

    I’m not a fan of beetroot so it will be interesting to see how you use it. Maybe you can convert me?

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