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Food is the one constant in my life. Throughout all the trials and tribulations of this life’s journey, I’ve been able to rely on cooking to soothe the soul and lighten the heart. It is my therapy, my comfort blanket, the sun in my universe – it is my nourishment.

Like most mothers, when my children were little I made the decision to nourish them. To my mind food isn’t just about feeling full. It carries with it the ability to inspire love and loathing alike. It acts as a measuring cup for our desires and a scale for our limits. We humble humans have been granted the wonderful gift of seeking pleasure from the foods we eat, and in equal measure, the sheer delight that comes from sharing that joy with those who matter to us most.

I hope to share with you here the gift of nourishment.

I LOVE food! No, I mean I really LOVE food. I guess you could call it an obsession of mine. And this obsession spans right back to my childhood. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where there were always plenty of good things to eat and where those doing the eating also loved doing the cooking. Food has always taken centre stage and nowhere is it more obvious than in conversations with my family. To this day we all sit around the table licking our fingers after a sumptuous meal whilst discussing our ideas for the next one.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll EAT anything….no, no, no. The way I see it I only have a certain amount of oh so precious stomach space to fill every day and so I make an effort to fill it with the freshest, seasonal ingredients I can lay my hands on. Don’t get the wrong idea – this is after all my “food-losophy” not my “fit-losophy”. Want a little chocolate with this? Why not! How’s about a little olive oil in that? Sure! Of course, good things lose their goodness if indulged all the time and so alas i attempt to exercise moderation. But a smidge of butter with some garlic and shallots and we’re getting somewhere!
Remember, cooking just isn’t cooking without a little va va voom!

“The only time to eat diet food is when you’re waiting for the steak to cook” – Julia Child